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The Cordoba legislature approved the BPA law that seeks to give institutional strength to the program launched by the Province in 2017. It is the first national regulation that establishes a way of producing, by the hand of taking care of resources and encouraging those producers that develop a responsible and sustainable agriculture.

The unicameral legislature of Córdoba sanctioned the law of good agricultural practices (from the spanish BPA) that establishes the general criteria of operation and methodologies of work for the production in sustainable form and taking care of the resources. Thus becoming the first regulation of this type in national territory.

This is a project sent by the Executive Power, through the Ministry of Agriculture of Córdoba, which seeks to give institutional strength to the BPA program launched by the Province in 2017.


The sanctioned regulations establish the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock as the program’s enforcement authority. It also includes non-refundable incentives for producers who adhere to the program and the institutions that collaborate in it.

Good Agricultural Practices are a set of principles, standards and technical recommendations aimed at reducing physical, chemical and biological risks in the production, processing, storage and transportation of products of agricultural origin.

“These techniques are aimed at ensuring the safety of the product, the protection of the environment and the personnel who work for it,” said from Agriculture.

Soil conservation, efficiently manage water, innovate technologically, train, streamline the registration of procedures, improve relations with communities, reduce the impacts of activities and primarily produce protecting resources, are some of the priorities of the Program.

“It is an initiative that transcends the economic, and that was already installed as a true cultural transformation, because the producer knows that if he does not take care of resources such as soil, for example, the future and the basis for the generations to come. ” said Sergio Busso, Minister of Agriculture and Livestock of the Government of Córdoba.