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Loma Alta is an agricultural company that sees itself as a business organizer focused on agricultural production for investors with a medium-term rescue horizon.

The business portfolio includes the production and commercialization of wheat, barley, corn, sunflower, soybean, birdseed, rapeseed, dry pea, and specialties such as wet pea for industry and potato for both consumption and industry.


Portfolio of Agricultural Investments

Agricultural Trustee
Agricultural investment fund to develop fine and coarse crops whose capital integration is for three years.


See details of the Agricultural Investment Fund.

Beef Cattle Found

Beef Cattle Found balance sheet is integrated to Agricultural Found in same balance sheet. Beef and cattle production are expanded or shrinked every year based on profit projected. In Argentina, beef production was downtrend during more than 10 years due to the lack of pro-production policy. The main idea to integrate crop production and beef production is to improve the risk management.

See detail of the Livestock Fund