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Loma Alta Trust Fund is an agricultural investment company. The Trust is the legal structure selected by the trustee to protect the interests of the investors. From spanish “Fideicomiso Ordinario de Inversión Agropecuario” the Trust was developed as the best platform to gather money from other markets or savings into crop production.


Loma Alta Trust Fund begun the commercial activity in September 2008. The main idea was to continue the family farm business also begun in the ’60 decade. El Retoño Ranch is located in the South East of Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.

In the ‘90 the company add agricultural and timber services for third parties.

In the 2000 we expanded operations to Misiones, Corrientes and Entre Rios Provinces

A few words about the agricultural investment funds in Argentina

Since the 80s crop production was developed in farms by their owners or also by land renters. In Argentina, about 65% of crop production is made by land renters under different kinds of contracts. Some of them under sharecropping, others under leasing.

At the end of the 90s a lot of firms begun organizing their legal structure as investment funds. They were very successfull because they showed proficiency to gather cash not only from the agricultural sector but also from other sources.

Theese funds levered up cash from all kind of savers. Machinery owners invested labors and ag dealers or retailers invested seed, agrichemicals and fertilizers. All of them invested their money or their services, in one way or another, into crop production.

Due to they were very successfull because of the low cost management they expanded activities to neighbour countries like Uruguay, Brasil, Paraguay and Bolivia.